The Universe Knows What You Need – Story Time

So I was going to post this on Instagram. But then it started getting REALLY long.

I decided this topic deserves its own blog post.

Something I’ve always believed, even way back in my Christian days, is some form of “everything happens for a reason.”

I’m still working on whether or not that is the best way to phrase it for me. I don’t know if I believe in a predetermined destiny or if I’m more on the free will side of things. I haven’t gotten around to sorting that out yet.

But I do believe that the Universe knows what you need in one way or another and that things are presented to you in accordance with that.

From there it’s up to you to act on the gut feelings and intuition that will lead you to those things.

the universe knows what you need

Monday, 10ish am

I’ve been dancing with a professional company for about a month now (which has been awesome). We rehearse in the mornings, 9-12.

My favorite metaphysical shop is only a 15 minute walk from the studio, something I’m surprised hasn’t gotten me in trouble yet!

Partway through rehearsal I got an urge to go to the shop. Nothing overwhelming, a browse through the shop just sounded like a nice way to spend some time. Plus I was feeling like I needed a spiral cage for some stones I got a couple weeks ago, I haven’t been using them and thought wearing them might be a good idea.

So after rehearsal I made my way to the shop. I also remembered I had been thinking about getting a new notebook to dedicate to some serious manifestation work I’ve felt called to do for a little while now and have been getting signs it’s time to move forward with.

Universe moment #1

Right as I’m about to head up the stairs to the shop I get a phone call from my partner. I almost didn’t answer it because I don’t like going through shops while on the phone. But I answered anyway and decided to browse through the books they have sitting outside that are on sale while we talked.

There were some interesting books there, I picked up a few and thumbed through them, not paying much attention since the main reason I was out there was because I was on on the phone.

I was almost all the way through what was set out when I spotted a lonely tarot deck.

If you didn’t already know, I just started my tarot journey about a month and a half ago. I am absolutely loving it so far and enjoy my Linestrider deck so much. I have plenty of beautiful decks on my wish list but haven’t felt the need for a new one quite yet.

But this lonely deck outside on the sale table was based on impressionist style art, my absolute favorite. Not only is it my favorite style,  the deck artist took paintings done by the greats and added tarot elements to them. The back of the box mentioned Monet, Manet, Renoir, and Degas, some of my absolute favorite artists.

My gut told me it had been waiting there for me.

I was hesitant, as I always am when spending money unplanned. But when I told my partner about it he though I would be crazy to not get it.

So I grabbed it.

If it hadn’t been for my partner calling me at a time he doesn’t usually call me, I probably wouldn’t have decided to get the deck. I most likely woudn’t have even seen it!

It all timed out perfectly.

And let me tell you, the Impressionist Tarot deck is beautiful and gives me nothing but joy looking through it. You’ll get more on that later!

Universe moment #2

At this point I knew that what I originally came for wasn’t the true purpose for me visiting the shop. So I wasn’t going to be to stubborn with actually getting what I came for.

I started looking through the notebooks anyway, they have so many in varying styles, sizes, and colors. I knew the rough size I wanted and started looking in that area.

I found a few that suited me well, a couple covered in cats, a simple one with a wood grain detail cover, some others that would get the job done.

But I wasn’t sold on any of them so I kept looking.

And then I found one that was black (my favorite color to have just about anything in) and had one of my favorite sentiments on it:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.

Not only is this one of my all time favorite sayings, I thought it was perfect for a manifestation journal.

Part of manifestation is being flexible. You may ask for one thing but the Universe knows you need something slightly different.

The stars aren’t any less beautiful, important, or special than the moon, they’re just different.

I could have happily gone with the cat notebook, but I followed my gut and kept looking and found something so much better!

Universe Moment #3

With my notebook and tarot deck in my arm, I made my way over to the crystal section to find a spiral cage necklace.

I found what I was looking for but they only had them in gold and bronze. Silver is the only color of jewelry I wear so I knew I wouldn’t ever actually wear one of those.

I asked if they had silver ones somewhere else, they were out but should be getting them in about a week.

I knew that wasn’t the real reason I was there anyway so I was okay with that and took a little time to browse through the crystals and look at pendulums.

The employee I had talked to got my attention at some point to show me they did have some silver cages but they were smaller and not on cords.

That was fine with me! I grabbed one and figured I could put it on a chain when I got home.

But I only had a couple stones that would fit in it so I decided I should get one more.

-A quick note about me and stones/crystals. I’ve never been particularly drawn to them. I appreciate them, I think they’re beautiful, and I completely believe they have their own energies. It’s just not something I am particularly drawn to or sensitive to. The stones I do have I got sort of on a whim in case I ever did decide to work with them more.

So I headed to the $1 crystal section and looked for something I didn’t already have.

I looked at a few and settled on Labradorite. Its description made it sound like something that could be extremely helpful plus it just looked cool!

I went to check out and learned that they had cords behind the counter for jewelry! I didn’t even get a little bag for the stone, crystal, and cord. I put it all together when I got outside so I could wear it right away!

When I put it on I immediately felt a steady, powerful energy run through my center.

I have seriously never experienced this from a crystal in my life.

It was incredible.

I felt so positive in a very grounded sense. I felt like my own energy was being shifted around and realigned.

I did a little more looking into Labradorite and realized it was exactly what I’ve been needing. Something to sort out my energy and help direct myself to where I really need to be.

I would never have ended up with this little stone if the shop had the cage I originally wanted.

And I wouldn’t have put it on right away if they hadn’t had cord behind the counter!

My takeaway: Let things happen

All these things came together in such a beautiful way. They are all items that I truly believe were meant for me. And I would never have found them if I hadn’t listened to my intuition.

The decision to answer my phone,

the feeling to keep looking through journals,

the acceptance that they didn’t have what I want and that I needed to flow with it,

the urge to go to the shop in the first place.

If I didn’t listen to my inner voice on those things I might have had a very different experience that wouldn’t have been nearly as fulfilling.

But I relaxed and listened and let myself be guided to what the Universe wanted to provide me with.

I walked in knowing what I wanted, the Universe not only agreed, but had even better plans!

It was a truly magical experience

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