Sigils – What They Are and How to Make Them

If runes were my first witchy love, sigils were my second. The first bit of spell work I did was to make a sigil.

I made a handful more pretty soon after, some worked and some didn’t. But it’s been months since I’ve made one and I think it’s about time I revisited them!

Let’s get started!

Sigils - What they are and how to make them

What are sigils?

A sigil is a seemingly meaningless symbol that is given power by its creator.

According to some sources, demons have sigils tied to them. If you know a demon’s sigil you have complete control over them.

This is an old use and definitely not the primary purpose of sigils today.

Sigils as we know them today come from Chaos magic. Their purpose is a means to attract something to you, just like many spells.

They are very accessible and seen by most who use them as being very effective. They’re also great when you don’t have a lot of time!

They can be as simple or extravagant as you want. There is no need to be an artist to create a powerful sigil!

How do they work?

Sigils are all about connecting to the subconscious and the energy of the Universe.

To make a sigil work you focus on what you want to manifest, then forget about it.

This lets the conscious mind get out of the way and allows the subconscious and the Universe to work their magic.

The thinking is that when the conscious mind remains involved, signals about what is really wanted get mixed and jumbled up. The message becomes unclear because too much thought is being put into it.

By focusing on a clear intent, then forgetting about it, you’re letting the subconscious maintain the original thought in all its strength.

This idea, also preserved in the sigil, is what the Universe works to give you.

How to use Sigils

These are the basic steps of using a sigil. The order changes from person to person as do the methods for each step.

  • Write and simplify your statement
  • Create the sigil
  • Forget it
  • Charge it
  • Banish it



How you craft your statement is extremely important to how well your sigil works.

Start by identifying what you want. The example I’ll use is wanting to get rid of bad luck.

First off, you don’t want any negative language in your statement. You’re trying to attract something. So if we rephrase it to be positive we have “I want to have good luck”

Now we want to put it in the present tense, as if we already have it. This is a common strategy seen in spells and even mundane affirmations.

Phrasing what you want to manifest in the present tense clarifies your intent and creates a stronger pull.

You can also look at it from the perspective of time being irrelevant to the energy of the Universe. Time is a social construct that the universe doesn’t have a need for, get rid of it!

So now we have “I am lucky.”

Let’s make it “I am always lucky.” Just for some extra oomph.

The next step is to start obscuring the meaning to get it ready for using to make our sigil.

The most common way to do this is to remove all vowels and repeat letters.

Then we’re left with  M L W Y S C K

And we’re ready to move on to the next step!

Create the sigil

There are so many methods for creating sigils. I’ll take you through what I currently use right now, we’ll get to the other strategies later.

All I do is take the letters we have left and use them one at a time to make a symbol.

I usually pick one to be sort of the framework for everything else. It wasn’t a conscious choice, that’s just what I naturally did.

Some people make a point to add their letters in order, either left to right of right to left. I don’t’ go in order, I just go with whatever feels right.

At this point I am already starting to forget my starting phrase. I am focusing on the letters, not where they came from.

I flip my letters around as I like, some are up side down, some are broken apart, some are abstracted. One of my goals is to make it so that you can’t pick out most of the letters, if any at all.

Other people use the whole letter and just link them together in a way that lets you very clearly see each one.

However you do it, you want to separate your sigil from your starting phrase as much as possible.

You’ll notice for this one I didn’t add anything for L. This is because I saw one in the top of the Y!

Once you have the framework you can add any embellishments you want. Shapes, extra lines, anything goes.

At this point you can also get rid of your initial phrase and letters, you don’t need them anymore.

Here’s what I have now:

Creating a sigil is definitely a meditative thing for me. As I create it I focus on the shape and design rather than the meaning.

forget it, charge it

The order of these steps is different depending on who you go to. For the sigils I made in the past, I first charged then forgot, but moving forward I plan on switching them.

To forget it, set it aside and don’t think about it. Let it sit for a month if you have the time. You want to not be able to remember what your statement was when you come back to it.

Some strategies I saw recommended for this are to create you sigils in a trance state, or to create sigils in batches then leave them for a while that there are too many to remember them individually.

As for charging, there are many ways to do it. The primary method is to use a heightened emotional state.

You can use sexual energy, joy, sadness, physical energy, anger, etc. At the peak of whatever energy you choose, either look at or visualize your sigil.

In your conscious mind you want to focus on only the symbol. Your subconscious however still knows the underlying meaning and will focus on that!

Another charging method is to meditate on your sigil. This is commonly done by staring at it until your mind goes still and the sigil warps in your vision.

You could also charge your sigil with smoke, crystals, moonlight, or any other way you would normally charge something.

I plan on forgetting first and charging later from now on because I think it would allow me to better focus on the symbol over the meaning when charging.

Banish it

Once the sigil is charged it needs to be banished to release the energy so that it can work!

Most people will say to destroy it. You can burn it, rip it up, drown it, or any other method that you see fit.

Some people decide to carry their sigil as a talisman instead. This way you maintain focus on what you are attracting.

In my opinion, when doing this you would want to keep it somewhere out of direct sight.

So put one for wealth in your wallet instead of on it. Or put a sigil for home protection above the door instead of on the door at eye level.

Whenever you do see your sigil, be sure to focus on the symbol not the meaning!


That’s it!

Things to keep in mind

There is no “right way” to make a sigil. It is entirely up to you how you want to go about it, this is just a guide to get you started! The only exception to this might be strict practitioners of chaos magic.

A sigil will hold the most power if you make it yourself. Some people believe they wont even work at all if you use someone else’s.


Your sigil does not have to be pretty.

Some people choose not to forget their sigil. This can still work, though many people would say this limits its power. Again, there are no rules so choose what you like!

When creating your sigil, if you don’t like how it looks you can start over. Make sure it’s something that resonates with you.

You can incorporate runes and other symbols into your sigil if it feels appropriate.

Other methods

As mentioned before, there are many other ways to create your sigils. Let’s take a look at some!


This method is mentioned in Peter Carroll’s Liber Null, a book about chaos magic

Instead of writing out a phrase for your intent, you draw a picture. Then, similar to what we do with a phrase, you simplify it.

Use the resulting sigil just like you normally would!

Witch's wheel

This is one I’ve been wanting to try for a while!

You take your phrase and reduce it like you normally would, but instead of drawing something using the letters, you use this:

You can also make your own wheel to add another personal touch.

To use it you start at one letter, then draw a line to the next until you’ve created a point at every letter.

I tried it with the same phrase from above.

Then you can add embellishments like before!

Ta-da! I like this method but I think I still prefer my original one.

Axis Mundi

This is one I just learned about!

You follow the same steps to break down your phrase, then you break up each letter into its individual parts.

After that you place the components on an axis mundi which is basically a plus sign but with a lot more meaning to it. It’s something I want to look more into before I use it to make sigils.

I learned about this method from November Sage TV on YouTube.

Variations on my method

These are just small variations that I’ve seen other people do.

  • writing the letters for your phrase in cursive and twisting them together
  • Using a circle, square, of triangle around your sigil to contain it. Breaking the container is part of destroying it to release the energy.
  • Using consecrated or otherwise energized paper and/or ink


That’s all I have for sigils today. Let me know if you have any questions or other methods for making sigils you’d like to share!

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How to use sigils
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