Linestrider Tarot – First Deck Interview

I did something fun today, my first ever tarot reading with my first deck, the Linestrider Tarot!

I received this deck from an exchange that was done through the Facebook group for one of my very favorite witchy podcasts, The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour (seriously, go check them out, they are amazing).

The lovely witch who had me chose the deck from my wishlist that felt right to her. And boy, was it right.

The Linestrider Tarot is BEAUTIFUL.

Here are some of my favorite cards from the deck, plus the card back

linestrider tarot

I’ve spent time learning some of the cards and bonding with the deck, both topics I will definitely be posting about later!

I was originally planning on reading about each card in the book before I did a deck interview reading, but I felt like the time was right today so I went for it!

linestrider tarot deck interview

The Interview

I absolutely love the idea of “interviewing” your deck to get to know it and what it is best for. Even before having a deck I knew I would want to do an interview as my first reading!

I searched around for a good spread, most interview spreads are fairly similar. They generally ask what the deck’s strengths and weaknesses are, how you can work with it, the potential of your relationship, etc.

After doing some browsing I decided to mash a couple spreads together to create my own! Here’s what I came up with:

Deck interview spread

What the Linestrider tarot told me

First off, I was a little nervous going into this. I’ve read my runes many times before so I’m not a stranger to divination, but this was my first ever experience with tarot. I can happily say I loved it!

Here’s what the cards had to say:

  1. Describe yourself. The World: I have plenty of experience, perspective, and a well-rounded outlook. I have my shit together
  2. What is your strength? Wheel of Fortune: I am great with matters relating to new cycles or projects, luck, balance, and will remind you to look at both the ups and the downs.
  3. What is your weakness? Ace of Wands: I sometimes like to move to fast and might at times have a bit of a “leap before you look” energy.
  4. Describe me. Nine of Pentacles: You are self-contained and self-motivated. You are well on your way to knowing yourself.
  5. What can you teach me? High Priestess: How to better listen to your intuition and follow your gut!
  6. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? Four of Cups: Focus on reflecting inward.
  7. What is the potential of our relationship? Ace of Swords: We have the potential to find a lot of truth, clarity, and focus which can lead to success!
linestrider deck interview


This was such a great experience. Some of the answers were a little intimidating, especially The World as its descriptor! This deck seems well rounded and very well suited for me.

It seems to think very highly of me as well which is also a little intimidating! I feel like this deck will help me rise to my own expectations of myself in a very thoughtful and balanced way.

I had the hardest time interpreting the Ace of Wands as the deck’s weakness. This card speaks to positive energy and starting new things. Its reversed meaning is essentially jumping in too fast without considering everything. I took the reversed meaning as the weakness but am still not completely confident in it. Hopefully it will become more clear with more readings!


What are your favorite ways to get to know a deck?

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  1. Lauren

    Firstly, thank you for the idea of this spread! I recently got a new tarot deck and for #1 in this spread I got the Nine of Swords. This was a little confusing for me. Is the deck itself distressed, or does it mean it can help with anxieties and worries? Any interpretations or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again, it was a great post to read!

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