Intuition – What it is and how to listen

Intuition seems to be one of those things we’re just expected to know in the witchy world. You see it referenced everywhere with phrases like “do what feels right to you,” “follow your gut,” or “pick what you feel drawn to.”

But how do we do that? And what are we doing when we tap into those feelings?

This is our intuition, our guiding force that is here to lead us to our best lives!

I believe connecting to our intuition is one of the most important things to do as not only witches, but just as humans in general. It might even be the single most important thing!

First things first, let’s talk a bit more about what exactly intuition is and where it comes from.

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What is Intuition? Where does it come from?

The way I see it, intuition is how our higher self communicates with us. It is our direct connection to source energy and always has our best interest in mind.

We hear our intuition in the form of gut feelings, nudges in one direction or another, and often just a sense of knowing.

Your intuition is basically like having a future you guide you through life. And who hasn’t wished that was a thing?

No matter how you sense intuitive pulls, they will always be connected to positive feelings – love, excitement, abundance, etc.

Why Should you listen to your intuition?

Since intuition is directly from your higher self, it’s the best bet to find your way to your highest good and life purpose.

Your intuition can help you with day to day decisions, or it can save your life! Some days you’ll use it to choose what produce to buy. Other days it might help you avoid life threatening situations.

Not only that, but in general, the things you are intuitively drawn to will feel better than others. Say you were presented with two career options, one makes more logical sense – maybe it pays more or has better benefits. But the other feels more like where you need to be. That’s your intuition telling you to go with the second option. And even if it doesn’t make sense to choose that one, it will work out better in the long run.

From a witchcraft perspective, using your intuition helps you develop a practice that feels best to you. Following those intuitive nudges will help you decide what tools to work with, what deities to call on, what types of magic to look into. Following those feelings will lead you to a practice you are strongly connected to and that allows you to find your strongest power.

How can you tap into it?

So now you know what intuition is and why it’s important. Now what?

Practice using it!

You can do things every day like:

  • Looking for nudges with small decisions – does it feel better to have a smoothie or eggs for breakfast today?
  • Notice any gut feelings you have about things – and act on them!
  • Use a pendulum if you feel like you need confirmation.
  • Meditate. Regular meditation helps quiet the monkey mind so you can actually listen to the nudges you’re getting.

An awesome video for a beautiful perspective on intuition and how to strengthen it is from Jessica at BehatiLife.

How do you know it's your intuition?

A lot of the questions that come up around intuition are things like “how do you know it’s your intuition” or “how do you know if your intuition is telling you to stop/give something up?”

In short, it’s all about the feeling the information is coming from.

If the information you’re getting feels loving, exciting, generally good, or the good kind of scary – it’s probably your intuition!

If it feels off in any way, abrupt, fearful, guilty, anxious, or any other fear/pain based feeling – it isn’t your intuition.

In regards to your intuition telling you to give up or stop something – it will and it won’t. You’ll never get an intuitive hit that tells you you need to get out of something. Things like that are generally out of fear and panic. However, if something isn’t right for you, your intuition will find a way to gently guide you out of that situation.

For example, say you are getting ready to speak at an event or have an important presentation at work. If you get a sudden heavy feeling you shouldn’t do it, that’s your monkey mind reacting out of fear. It’s afraid to go into the unknown, but that’s where you’ll grow the most!

On the flip side, if you really aren’t supposed to speak that day your higher self would intervene in some way without you even realizing it. You might wake up late, feel like you need to take a route to work that ends up making you late, or have a calm feeling that tells you it isn’t the best thing for you.

Long story short, if it is positive, good feeling, not necessarily logical, and peaceful, it’s your intuition. If it’s anything on the other side of the spectrum, it’s something else.

final thoughts

I have one last thought that gives a bit of a bigger perspective to this idea.

I believe that anything we have a vision for, a passion to do, a curiosity for, we’re meant to go after. Those feelings are put in us by source for a reason and every time we tap into them we’re getting a glimpse into our future.

If you have a dream – go after it. It’s where you’re meant to be.

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