How to Get Started in Witchcraft

If you’ve made your way to this post chances are you’re curious about witchcraft but don’t know where to begin. There is so much information out there that it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to get started in witchcraft.

There are terms you aren’t familiar with, different types of witchcraft, everyone seems to teach things differently. How do you know where to start??

This is a little guide for what I personally think is a good way to begin, as well as a few things to avoid.

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Get in touch with your energy

Witchcraft is all about connecting to the energy around you. Before you can do that, you need to connect to your own! Connecting to this inner energy also helps you hear your intuition better, something that will help you both in your witchcraft practice and in daily life.

While there are many ways you can do this, one of the best is through meditation. Sitting with yourself and quieting your mind is about as close to your own energy as you can get!

Follow what you're curious about

Once you have a handle on your own energy and can hear your intuition, you can start to notice any nudges you may get towards different things. Listen to those nudges! They may not make any sense but I promise, that’s where the good stuff is!

For me, my first nudges were for runes and pantheism. Just those two things led to learning so much more and my practice wouldn’t be the same without them!

Connect with nature

I know, this is supposed to be a post about how to get started in witchcraft and I haven’t even talked about witchcraft yet. But how witchy does it sound to walk through a moonlit forest, observing it with all of your senses, keeping an eye out for twigs and stones you feel drawn to, and occasionally pausing to bask in the moonlight with closed eyes and open arms.

Just typing that makes me feel energized!

Point being, go out and connect to nature and your surroundings. It gives you a greater sense of the abundance that exists in our universe and how strong your connection with energy can be. You also never know what you may find to bring into your practice!

You can even do this in a city. I spend a lot of time walking downtown and one of my favorite activities is to observe the plantlife. Everything from plants growing in yards, to trees by the sidewalk, to patches of grass and weeds that grow through the cracks in the pavement.

Find a resource you connect with

There are so many resources out there – YouTube, podcasts, blogs, Tumblr, books, online courses – and they all have corners that are all about witchcraft and how to gets started in witchcraft.

Find a platform and content creators you enjoy and soak up all the information you feel drawn to! When I started out I spent a lot of time on YouTube and listening to podcasts, I found a few people I really connected with and still enjoy learning from their content!

learn as you go

As you learn things, don’t forget to actually apply them to!

You can learn as much as you want, but you’ll never get anywhere with your practice if you don’t actually put it into action. If you don’t feel like you know enough to get going, that’s okay! sometimes you just need to jump in and learn things as you go.

Don't buy a bunch of supplies right away

A trap that many new witches get caught in is feeling like they have to buy a bunch of fancy tools and what not to be a witch. You don’t. All you need is yourself, the tools will come as you are drawn to them or as you find a need for them.

Don't try to fit in

Along similar lines, don’t think that just because everyone else seems to be doing something that means you need to do it to.

Two of the biggest examples of this are Tarot cards and crystals. They are EVERYWHERE. It seems like all witches use them which makes it feel like a requirement to some people. They aren’t, and I promise not all witches use them.

Your practice is about you and what you are drawn to, that’s the beauty of it. Don’t feel like you need certain things to fit into the same box as other people.

Further Guidance

If you still want more guidance in getting started with your witchcraft practice, I’m here to help!

Next week I am opening enrollment for my Intuitive Witchcraft program. It’s an online course that will take you through the basics of building a practice that is designed for YOU. I’ll take you through

  • How to connect to your intuition,
  • Connecting to the energies around you,
  • Why and how to do spells and rituals,
  • And how to create routines to enhance your practice.

PLUS you’ll get a private community where you can connect one on one with me and other witches who are learning along side you!

If you are interested, simply head to the link below! You’ll also get my guided meditation for connecting to your higher self as a thank you 🙂

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