Days of the Week Correspondences

There are many things you can consider when planning to do spell work. Colors, candles, herbs, crystals and also days of the week!

Each day of the week is ruled by a planet which gives it a unique energy. You can tap into these energies when you want an extra boost to the energy of your spell. Along with the planets come elements, colors, deities, and other correspondences. By knowing the energy of the days of the week you can also pair spell components with similar qualities to add even more of a boost – things like herbs, crystals, and incense.

If you end up performing a spell on the “wrong” day of the week, that’s okay! Doing spell work on a day of the week that doesn’t line up with its intent will not have any negative effects on the working. The days of the week will only add energy if timed right, they’ll never take anything away.

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Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Colors: Amber, gold, yellow, orange
Keywords: Success, Energy, Creativity, Prosperity.

Being ruled by the Sun makes Sunday a particularly powerful and energetic day. Perhaps the best type of spellwork to do on Sundays are those that are actually supporting and/or boosting the power of another working.


Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Colors: Silver, White, Blue, Grey
Keywords: Illusions, Divination, Glamour, Peace, Dreams, Emotions, Insight, Wisdom

Mondays are great for anything dreamy or connected to the non-physical. The energy of the moon is generally softer and about illusion and things we can’t always seen. It is also great for connecting with emotions and gaining insight through things like divination. The gentle energy of Mondays also make them a great day to adjust any workings you have in progress that may need revisions.


Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Colors: Red, Black, Orange
Keywords: Strength, Defense, Protection, Courage, Conviction, Action

Tuesday packs a punch of firey Mars energy. This is a great day for any spell work that is on the combative side. Anything dealing with protection, banishing, and the like will benefit from this energy.


Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Colors: Purple, Orange
Keywords: Communication, Wisdom, Travel, Speed, Creative Inspiration, Education

Ruled by Mercury, Wednesdays are best for spell work that has do to with learning, communication, and artistic projects. If you want a little extra luck or speed for something do your spell on a Wednesday!


Planet: Jupiter
Element: Earth
Colors: Deep blue, purple green
Keywords: Expansion, Luck, Abundance, Protection, Stability, Joy, Pleasure, Employment, Leadership

Thursdays are perfect for spells for money and abundance. Anything that you are wanting to bring in more of will benefit from the expansive and abundant energy of Jupiter.


Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Colors: Aqua, Pink
Keywords: Love, Beauty, Harmony, Affection, Fertility, Romance, Friendship

Fridays are your day if you want to do a spell around love of any kind be it romantic, friendships, family, or self.


Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Colors: Black, Purple
Keywords: Banishing, Protection, Control, Order, Boundaries, Self Discipline, Cleansing

Saturn brings a powerful, somewhat intimidating power to Saturdays. This is another great day for banishing and protection magic, as well as for setting strong boundaries. The energy of Saturn is very orderly and is great when structure is needed.

Hopefully this gave you an idea of how you can time spells with the days of the week to give them a boost! As always, do what works for you rand what you’re drawn to. If you feel like you need to do a love spell on a Wednesday instead of a Friday, do it! Find what you best connect with and always follow your gut.

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Planetary correspondence of the days of the week
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