Affirmations – Magical Morning Routine Part Two

Welcome to part two of creating a morning routine! This month is all about affirmations.

You can read part one here, it’s about silence.

Magical morning routine part two: affirmations

What are affirmations?

Affirmations, specifically positive affirmations, are statements you can use for personal development. They are positive, present tense statements about what you want your life to be like.

For example, I tend to get distracted easily, It is often difficult for me to focus on just about anything. So a good affirmation for me would be “I am focused.”

To make it a little more specific I could say “I am very focused and motivated when I work.”

When making affirmations for yourself (they’ll always be more beneficial if you make them yourself) you want to consider a few things.

  • Keep it in the present tense – using “I am” is a good way to ensure that.
  • Keep it positive – I didn’t pick “I am not distracted,” Change it to something positive.
  • Be concise – You want a short phrase you can remember, not a paragraph you have to read.
  • Include emotions and how you want to feel

What are the benefits of using them?

There are SO many benefits to using affirmations. They have been shown to help increase confidence and self-esteem, lower stress, and lead to a general increase in quality of life.

Often times we fall into negative self talk habits. We talk about how we can’t do this or that, we’re so bad at something, forgetful, we always have bad luck.

This leads to a self fulfiling prophecy. If you already believe those negative things are true, of course they’ll happen! And you’re more likely to see the negative instead of the positive.

By flipping things around and focusing on the positive, you can actively work to get rid of that negative self talk and work on things you would like to change!

On a more metaphysical side (those of you who are familiar with The Secret and the Law of Attraction will know this), your thoughts are just another kind of energy. One that you have control over. And if you are putting out positive energy, you’ll attract more to you.

The same is true for the negative thoughts. If you think about the bad things, that’s what you’ll attract to you.

With this way of thinking, affirmations help you attract the energies you want!

Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction (I’m not always sure if I do myself), you can still focus on the proven psychological benefits of positive self talk!

How to Create your own affirmations

There are many places to find affirmations out there. You could choose to use those if they suit what you need, but your affirmations will pack more punch if you create them yourself.

  1. Pick what you want to focus on. Maybe you want to work on your self confidence, overcoming a bad habit, or you want to draw money into your life. You can make an affirmation for just about anything!
  2. Turn any negative statements into positives.
  3. Make sure it’s in the present tense.
  4. Don’t forget to consider how the statement makes you feel! Even if it isn’t written in your affirmation, connecting a feeling to it will make it more powerful.

How to use affirmations - Mundane options

So you have a positive affirmation, now what do you do with it?

The most common thing to do is to read them once or twice a day. This would ideally be out loud and to yourself in a mirror, reinforcing that it is a statement you believe to be true about yourself.

You can also have a sort of trigger activity or thought. If you are using an affirmation to work on eliminating a habit, smoking for example, say your affirmation each time you feel like smoking. Or maybe your goal is to eat better, say “I am happy and healthy when I eat well” whenever junk food tempts you!

Affirmations can also be meditated on. Sit in silence focusing on your affirmation. Think about the feeling it gives your and visualize what life is like with your goal reached.

Affirmations with magic

These are the ways I plan on using affirmations this month to explore using them in a more magical way:

  • Sigils – If you’re familiar with my post on sigils, you’ve probably noticed that the steps for creating an affirmation and a sigil phrase are essentially the same. I’m definitely taking advantage of this!
  • Mantra – Not necessarily magical, but not quite mundane either. I plan on taking an affirmation and breaking it down to one or two words that get to the core of the affirmation and its feeling. I’ll repeat it to myself either during meditation or with a trigger.
  • Spells – I’ve found that a lot of spells are based on affirmation-type statements. I probably won’t do this approach a lot, but as someone who doesn’t do a lot of spell work, I think it will help me get more into it!
  • Say them out loud – I know, this is a mundane one. But I’ve always had a hard time with it and want to work on it! Plus I know that spells said out loud tend to be more powerful, so I’ll likely work this into spells.


That’s this month’s focus for me! Do you work with affirmations?? Tell me about it!

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