About my Runes – Story Time

I’ve decided to make Mondays my days for personal updates, reflections, and story time! This week is a little story time all about my runes!

Like I said in my last post which was an introduction to the topic, runes were my first love in my practice. I thought I’d take some time to tell you about why that is, how I found mind, and how I formed a strong connection to them.

thinking about my runes

Before I even got runes I was thinking about them. When I first got into all this witchy stuff I was a huge skeptic when it came to divination. I still am, but not nearly as much.

I didn’t feel super drawn to tarot, that was where a majority of my skepticism was. But I really liked the idea of runes.

My initial pull to them didn’t really make sense to me since I was so skeptical. I was drawn to them in a way I couldn’t explain but felt the need to go through with. So I started learning about runes.

I liked the simplicity of their appearance, their ancient origins (though I didn’t know much about that at the time), and how straight forward they seemed.

I knew I wanted my first set to be some sort of stone. I didn’t know what kind. But I kept picturing myself with a bag of weighty stones that were cold to the touch.

First trip to a metaphysical shop

When I say this was my first trip to a metaphysical shop, what I really mean is it was my first time going to one with the intention of getting into witchcraft.

I went with my partner, one of our close friends who also wanted to start learning, and her partner. We spent so much time browsing this awesomely giant shop.

Ultimately we knew we wanted books and divination tools. She wanted tarot cards, I wanted runes.

All I was finding for runes were those mass produced boxed sets that come with a little book. I knew that wasn’t for me. I wanted to be able to feel my runes before I got them.

I let it go and started looking at tarot decks instead. There were a handful that I found appealing, but not one in particular that stood out as something I really wanted.

Eventually I narrowed it down to two decks.

My partner, knowing what I really wanted and that I wouldn’t go ask anyone about it, found an employee and asked if there were other runes somewhere. I’m so glad he did.

Sure enough, there were.

She pulled two bags of runes out of the cabinet. One was opalite and the other was bloodstone.

I’ve always loved moonstone and the like, so I was immediately drawn to the opalite ones. They were rectangular in shape and light weight. They were beautiful. I thought they might be the right ones.

But I wanted to see the other set just in case.

I had no clue what bloodstone looked like at the time so I was not expecting deep green stones with splotches of red. They were irregularly shaped, imperfect, cold, and heavy.

The moment I touched them I knew I was meant to have them.

They made me feel incredibly centered and at home.

My Bloodstone runes

The Missing Rune

I held my little pouch of runes all the way home. At some point I decided to count them to make sure they were all there.

I counted 24. Which I was pretty sure was the right number. But I was a little confused by the single blank stone. I had a sinking feeling that I should have had 25.

When we got home I laid out all of the stones on the table to see if they were all there.

I was missing one, the one that looked like a capital “R”.

We all thought we remembered seeing a few loose ones in the case with the pouches at the shop, so we decided to go back later in the week to check.

We got to the shop, and sure enough, there it was! It was sitting out with two others, one of the opalite, and a blue one that I hope found its family that appeared to already be gone!

The employee that helped us was so kind and gave me a store credit since I had to come all the way back for the rune that was left out.

I used that to get a book about runes, I’m not sure why I didn’t get one in the first place!

When I was looking at books I flipped through one to find out what the one I came back for was about.

It was Raido, which is all about travel and transportation. Of course that would be the one we have to go out of our way to travel 30 minutes to get! It was pretty funny.

With all 25 runes together and a new book, we went home.

Forming a connection

At some point fairly soon after getting them, the comedic nature of my runes struck again. I set them down after doing a little sage cleansing. The bag tipped over, none fell out, but just one was close to the edge and facing me.

It was Raido again!

I’ve interpreted this as a few things. First, they were just being funny. Second, I was doing a lot of traveling at the time that was making me nervous and it was their way of saying they were there for me.

Looking back on it now, I think it was also reassurance that I was headed in the right direction and maybe even a thank you, they were communicating through what I already knew and would recognize.

Whatever it was, it was another step in our bonding.

The next step was to learn about them. I took a couple months to study the meaning of the runes.

With each one I learned about I held it in my hand so that I could get a feel for it’s energy, and it could feel mine as well. I read about it in my book and took notes.

I kissed each one to say thank you before putting it back in the bag with the others. It felt a little silly but also felt like a good way to get the message across

I also took them with me everywhere and kept them on my nightstand when I slept.

They went with me everywhere for a few months and because of that we’re like best friends.


I’m still not all about divination, I do the occasional reading here and there but that’s about it. I just don’t feel the need for it to be super regular.

But I definitely appreciate what my runes have brought to my practice. They have a wonderfully homey energy and are great for grounding and reconnecting to my practice.


What has your experience with divination tools, or any other tools,  been like?

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